#fridaysession live session video series #fridaysession live session video series

SoundCam Productions' music talent management program for emerging performers - unbroken for 3 years now!

Music-related productions, shows Music-related productions, shows

Instrument and product demonstration videos, tutorials, portrait shows, interviews, conversations

Professional video recordings Professional video recordings

Live session videos, video clips, tutorials, interviews

Professional Audio recordings Professional Audio recordings

Capture professional audio with full post-production

What are we doing?

Our services


Sound recording, full-length sound work, sound work for live music productions, music production, commercial music production, audiobook, podcast and dubbing, sound desing and music directing!


Our company also deals with the shooting of live session videos, the production of portrait programs, the production of educational materials and various audiovisual content, as well as the production of full-scale video post-production, as well as the production of animated mini-series!

What we are good at

  • Live session video production
  • Audio recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Video recording
  • Producing
Listen to it!

Our references

Audio recordings and post-production in SoundCam Studio:

STEX // LIVE At SoundCam Studio
Afterkrū feat. bongor
The Law Fought Back // LIVE At SoundCam Studio
Sasa Lele

Video tasting

sE Electronics
Antelope Audio
Universal Audio
Dangerous Music
Black Magic
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